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Featured Cast and Crew

Sadie Katz (Sirah) is a versatile actress who is co-starring with Danny Trejo in the upcoming Chavez: Cage of Glory, and who also recently starred in Nipples & Palm Trees. She is co-writer of Scorned, starring Billy Zane and Anna Lyne McCord. 

Heather L. Tyler (Teig) is an accomplished LA stage actress currently starring in A Bright New Boise, and who will next be seen in David Henri's Finding Focus

Cheryl Sands (Lily) has been featured in Nip/Tuck, Otis E., Lake Death, and the upcoming 15 North. She is also a sought-after fashion model. 

House of Bad is writer/director Jim Towns' third indie horror film. His first film, Prometheus Triumphant, was critically-acclaimed by the LA Times as "a poignant homage to the pure emotional power of classic silent cinema". His next film is the supernatural western A Man with a Gun, starring Tony (Candyman) Todd and Dani Lennon (Bite Me). 

After selling his first script for
Creepshow III, writer/producer Scott Frazelle started working in indie film as a First AD and prop maker. Scott continues to write, having adapted a helicopter-pilot memoir (Dear Mom, I'm Alive) and is currently adapting the popular horror fiction book The Pumpkin Man, as well as starting work on his creature feature: Cats

Editor, Nina Lucia has cut film on a multitude of big-budget studio films including
Wanted, Michael Bay's The Island, Home for the Holidays, A Few Good Men, and Michael Mann's Heat and Collateral. She has recently wrapped additional editing on Nickelodeon's Fun Size

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