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House of Bad is an intelligent, character-driven supernatural thriller that delivers a unique mix of suspense, visceral terror, eroticism, and action. The film features gorgeous cinematography, riveting performances by three sexy lead actors, and a gripping story. 

House of Bad was shot over a rapid eight-day schedule in May 2011, with four additional pickup days of filming spread out over the next year. Originally written by Jim Towns, the script was punched up by executive producer Scott Frazelle during an intensely quick pre-production window. The primary location was a residence in Pasadena, CA, which was taken over for a week and made to look like a remote rural house that had been abandoned for years. Other locations included the cellars of the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Sepulveda Dam, Angeles National Forest, and Elysian Park near Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. 

The year-and-a-half long post-production process, spear-headed by editor Nina Lucia, composer Terry Huud, and sound designer Chance Pemberton, tested everyone's resolve and dedication to the project, but the finished result has exceeded everyone's expectations. House of Bad is a stylish hybrid of horror and heist genres. 

Technical Specs: 

Run Time: 95 Minutes
Aspect: 1.85:1
Language: English
Sound: 5.1
Camera: Panasonic AF100, Zeiss Prime Lenses

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